Mission statement


Our Mission

The Development Studies Group of the Department of Urbanism of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (TU Delft), together with colleagues from the Universities of Toronto and Aalborg,  has launched a new BLOG to circulate information and promote debate on themes related to spatial planning and urbanization in Latin America. With the aim of expanding the scope of the debate, the blog also builds on collaborations with scholars at other institutions.

We are now  looking for contributions of researchers working on themes of urbanization and urban development in Latin America writing in English.

Latin America has high rates of urbanization, but urban development is highly unequal and largely unsustainable in the continent.  Main issues concern housing, mobility, environmental preservation and metropolitan and territorial resources management. Inequality of life chances is one of the main challenges for the continent. At the same time, Latin America is often praised as a site of urban innovation. Over the past few decades, social movements and progressive planners have mobilized agendas towards socio-spatial justice and livability.

We believe that spatial planners have a big role to play in shaping the attention of the public and of policymakers to those issues. By conceiving sustainable and fair spatial plans, we may help shape the future of the continent towards fairer and more equal societies, through notions like the ‘right to the city’. Our job is to make the ‘right to the city’ a reality, extending societal gains to all sectors of society.

Our mission is to gather and circulate information, promote debate and exchange among scholars, practitioners and members of the public in order to shape their attention to the issues above and to seek feasible, sustainable and democratic solutions for the problems of urbanization in Latin America.

Abigail Friendly  (UNiversity of Toronto): abigail.friendly@utoronto.ca

Ana Maria Fernandez-Maldonado (TU Delft, The Netherlands): A.M.FernandezMaldonado@tudelft.nl

Daniel Galland (University of Aalborg, Denmark): dgalland@plan.aau.dk

Luisa Sotomayor  (University of Toronto, Canada): luisa.sotomayor@mail.utoronto.ca

Roberto Rocco (TU Delft, The Netherlands): r.c.rocco@tudelft.nl




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